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Autumn 2022

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

As part of the Year 4 maths curriculum, children should know their times tables up to 12x12.

In June, Year 4 pupils will be taking the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) to test their times tables fluency. Please find attached the official government letter to parents explaining the rationale.

In order to give your child the best chance of passing (and to ensure they are confident with all times tables up to 12 x 12), would you please ensure they are doing regular practise on Times Tables Rockstars as part of their homework? 3 x 10 minutes as a minimum. You will soon find you have to stop them as they get to love it. Whilst they are still learning, they should be trying the ‘Garage’ or ‘Arena’ modes as these stick to the tables that are set for them.

Once they are competent with all the tables, they should be using ‘Soundcheck’ as this mirrors the test they will be taking. We will inform you when they are ready for this. Please see below for additional information.

Please do contact me if you have any questions.


Many thanks for your support.

Miss Ross

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

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