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 Meet the Governors

Marion Rajan

 Chair of Governors

I am now Chair of Governors having previously been the Curriculum committee chair and Vice Chair of Governors. Both my sons attended PJS some years ago and by taking on the school governor role my aim has been to “give something back” to the school by using my professional skills and experience.

I qualified as a Social Worker over 35 years ago, and since this time have gained extensive experience of direct work in Child Protection, Fostering, Adoption, Residential, and Psychiatric settings with children of all ages. I eventually moved into Social Work operational management, and in recent years to strategic management in Safeguarding for children. I have several management qualifications, including a Masters Degree in Public Service Management.’


Current term of office:  18.3.2022 to 19.3.2026 Marion was originally appointed as local authority governor 1.3.2011.

Danny Simpson



I have served on the governing body of Patcham Junior School since I was elected as parent governor 9.11.2006.

I have two sons, both of whom attended Patcham Junior School and I attended Patcham Junior School himself, when it was known as Patcham Middle School.

I work for East Sussex County Council as a principal internal auditor and have extensive experience in working with schools and with the Children’s Services Department more generally.

Outside of work, I am keen on sports photography and take pictures for my local rugby and cricket clubs.

Current term of office:  19.3.22 to 18.3.26

Alister Sutherland


I have been the headteacher of Patcham Junior School since September 2017 and I have the absolute honour of leading this vibrant, hardworking and successful school.  

Prior to starting at Patcham, I worked in two very large, then middle schools, in a neighbouring local authority.  During my 14 years there I worked as a class teacher, subject leader, year group leader and assistant headteacher across both schools. 

Working in education has always been a privilege much more than simply a job.  In this ever changing world, I consider it essential that we celebrate (and make irresistible) a life long love of learning which enables all pupils to be as well prepared as they possibly can be for whatever their lives have in store for them.  To be responsible for even a small part of that education journey is wonderful.

Mark Rodericks




I am deputy headteacher of the school.

I have twenty years of teaching experience, working in three different local authorities, as well as taking the opportunity to teach in America. I have held a variety of different teaching and leadership positions within a Junior School.

I have also worked for Brighton and Hove authority as a leading practitioner in mathematics.

I am very interested in getting the best outcomes for all children, ensuring that the curriculum is fun yet purposeful. I also believe very strongly in promoting life long learning.

Current term of office: 22.2.2022 to 21.2.2026.  Mark was originally elected as staff governor 18.10.2013.



Co-opted Governor


The governing body is pleased to welcome Shaili Thakkar as co-opted governor.  Term 7.12.23 to 6.12.27



Scarlett O'Rourke

Staff Governor 


 The governing body is pleased to welcome Scarlett O'Rourke to the position of staff governor.  Term 21.9.23 to 20.9.27



Local Authority Governor



I am delighted to be the Local Authority Governor for Patcham Junior School. Both of my children currently attend the school and thoroughly enjoy their education under the care of nurturing and experienced staff. I believe strongly that education is very important for all children and am I pleased to be able to play a part in supporting that aspect of our community.  I am the Headteacher of Ditchling CE Primary School, a school in the East Sussex local authority. I have been a governor across a few schools for over the past 5 years and hope that I can bring that experience to help support the education of Patcham Junior School.  Term 1.12.21 to 30.11.25



Parent governor

I am a parent governor who recently joined the team in 2020.  My eldest child attends Patcham Junior School and I am keen and enthusiastic to take an active role in helping to shape the school’s future direction and ethos. I am also keen to be more involved in the community in which I live and support the important role that the school plays in supporting this strong and active community. I currently work for East Sussex County Council in their children’s services department and am interested in children’s education and wellbeing.

Term of office 20.10.20 - 19.10.24 (elected by parents).

Derrick Davis

Co-opted governor

I have lived in Patcham since 2000 and my two children attended Patcham Junior School. I previously worked for over 25 years as a Business Manager for a large multi-national company, running a number of premises and dealing with the day-to-day operations.

Outside of work, I enjoy most sports and have played football and rowed to a nationally-ranked level. I also enjoy music, am an American Football season-ticket holder and have qualified for The Times National Sudoku Championships each year since 2011

My years of running a business have given me an understanding and insight of the many components required to achieve sustainable success. We are a foster family and this has given me a greater appreciation why education  is important to all children, from all backgrounds.

The school has worked hard to ensure that the children are given the tools and resources to maximise their potential but also develop as more rounded  individuals.  My personal interests coincide with some of the school's curriculum agenda and I look forward to supporting them in whichever manner needed. 

Current term of office:  13.11.2022 to 12.11.2026.  Originally appointed as co-opted governor by the governing body 13.11.2014


Co-opted Governor

The governing body is pleased to welcome Jim Hughes to the team.

Term 21.9.23 - 20.9.27


Parent Governor


I joined Patcham Junior School as parent governor in February 2023. My daughter attends the school and I am really keen to work together with the fellow governors, to help make Patcham Junior School the best it can be.  
My studies and background have been in humanities, education and teaching and I have taught Greek and English as a foreign language both in language schools and as a private tutor. I have also worked as an Examiner for the American University in Greece, covering both the islands and mainland.  
I’m a Senior Business Analyst with Legal and General in Hove and in addition to this role I worked as a Business Guide to Year 9 students from Hove Park school, acting as both mentor and coach to help students realize their potential, and prepare them for life after school.  I’m also a mentor in a Talent Development Programme within Legal and General, and last year I completed my mentoring qualification for developing young talent.  In 2022, I volunteered to work as a teacher at the Greek school of the Holy Trinity in Brighton for Year 5 & 6, on a part-time basis, that my daughter also attends as she is bilingual.
Through my background, studies and experience both as a professional and as an ever-learning parent of a curious child, I strongly believe that I have a lot to offer through my work as a parent governor. 

Term of office 28.2.23 to 27.2.27

Co-opted governor


If you are interested in filling this vacancy, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either the clerk - or the chair, 

Jane Walden

Co-opted governor



I am a retired ex Careers Adviser and teacher.  I moved to Brighton just under 5 years ago and have found lots to keep me busy in retirement.  I have always maintained a connection with young people and schools, even when living in America, where I made the costumes for the local High School Musical!

Term of office  7.12.23 to 6.12.27  (original term commenced 10.12.19)

Jason Weber

Co-opted governor


I joined the team as a co-opted governor in 2019. I have two young daughters, both attend Patcham schools. My eldest attends the junior school and my youngest is currently at the nursery, but in September will join the infant school.  

I work full time for a London based, Swiss Private Bank. I have worked in finance all my adult life, in the UK, but also in the Channel islands and Caribbean. Outside of work I love sport, watching more now than playing, although I played national league hockey and also representative level in tennis, rugby and cricket (in my younger years). Now…. I am proud to be a dad and support my girls however I can with their interests (Dance!).

I am hugely passionate about children's welfare but also in their development.  Not just academically but also in sports and life.

Current term of office: 7.12.23 to 6.12.27  (original term commenced 10.12.19)


Parent Governor


After 8 years as Vice Chair of a charity in Hove, I joined as Governor in January 2022. Working for Hilton for over 20 years in various roles. I am now responsible for designing and delivering training for the 18 brands globally - so I believe I can bring my corporate experience to this governor position.My son attends the Juniors and requires additional support to access mainstream education.  I have gone through the motions of obtaining and maintaining an EHCP and parenting a child with beautiful differences, and therefore I believe I can bring empathy and an experienced voice to our PJS families and teachers focusing on SEN. 

Term 1.10.21 - 30.09.25


Clerk to the Governors

My main function is to support the governing body by being its administrator, information manager and governance professional.  I do not have a vote. I also provide advice in and outside meetings to ensure the governing body works in accordance with the legal framework and uses its time well to benefit pupils in the school. I am proud to work with such a dedicated team of volunteers and school staff.


REGISTER OF GOVERNOR INTERESTS AND DATES OF APPOINTMENT                                                        


Last updated:        1.3.24

Governors and associate members (if any) disclose their interests at the time of application or appointment. Thereafter interests are disclosed annually and at each meeting.  They withdraw from the meeting during any item under discussion in which they may have a conflict of interest and are not allowed to vote.

Name and date of first appointment

Nature of interest and date of commencement if it does not predate appointment

Amy Clarke 1.12.21

From 1.9.22 Headteacher Ditchling CE Primary and Nursery School

Derrick Davis 13.11.14 latest term commenced 13.11.22

Retail Manager BP Express Shopping. 

Emily Eslick 20.10.20

Employed by East Sussex County Council as Manager of training team for Children’s services

Katerina Keaveny 28.2.23

Employed by Legal and General as Business Analyst

Jim Hughes 21.9.23

Employed by Clarion Housing Group

Scarlett O'Rourke 21.9.23

Employed by Patcham Junior School

Henrietta Pike 1.10.21

Senior Manager Global Hotel Sales, Hilton

Marion Rajan 4.4.14, latest term commenced 19.3.22

Employed as a Wedding Celebrant by West Sussex County Council

Mark Rodericks 4.4.14, latest term commenced 22.2.22

Deputy Headteacher Patcham Junior School. 

Danny Simpson 9.11.06, latest term commenced 19.3.22

Principal Auditor at East Sussex County Council.

Spouse of teaching assistant at Patcham Junior School. Dec 2008

Alister Sutherland 1.09.17

Headteacher Patcham Junior School from 1.9.17. 

From 1.9.22 wife, Claire Sutherland is a class teacher at Patcham Junior School

Shaili Thakkar  7.12.23

Boots Pharmacy Store Manager and Prescribing Pharmacist - employed

Angela Jane Walden 10.12.19

Retired Careers advisor

Jason Weber 10.12.19

Head of Lending at Credit Suisse UK Limited till 2023  

Governors and any associate members in last year: 

 Andrew Saunders (Joint Vice Chair)  latest term commenced 15.7.19 and ended 14.7.23

 Employed by Swiss RE Insurance co.

From Sept 21 Chair of Governors at Patcham High School. Governorship pre-dates original appointment as governor (15.7.2015). Previously associate member (March 2014)

Emily Steele 13.1.22 to 21.7.23

Teacher Patcham Junior School

Tamsin Hinton-Smith - Associate member 16.7.20 - 16.10.23

Senior lecturer at Sussex & Brighton Universities and Sussex Learning Network. Originally parent governor (2016) 

Onalethata Tambula  16.5.24

1.Pricing and Incentives Senior Project Manager at NHS England - employed


2. From Oct 23 Director of Finance - Project Management Institute UK

Diversity of the Governing Body

Diversity is important and we want the governing body to be increasingly reflective of the community we serve.  The diversity information is confidential but is regularly analysed by the governing body and considered in recruitment and training.