Patcham Junior School

Be curious, not judgemental


Ladies Mile Road, Patcham, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 8TA

01273 087513

Our vision

Curiosity and Creativity                                          Kindness, Respect, Honesty


Equality, Diversity, Climate                                    Courage and Resilience

Key Principles and School Vision

At Patcham Junior School our school motto is – ‘Be Curious, Not Judgemental’ and this is underpinned by our four key values’ statements

  • Curiosity and Creativity
  • Kindness, respect and honesty
  • Equality, Diversity, Climate
  • Courage and Resilience

Curiosity and Creativity


At Patcham Junior school we celebrate creativity in thinking and in doing. We are curious about the world around us both locally, nationally and internationally.


Kindness, Respect and Honesty


Kindness and respectfulness are fundamentally important to our whole community and ensuring that we can be honest at all times is central to our educational and personal development.


Equality, Diversity, Climate


We are fortunate enough to live and learn in the vibrant, exciting and diverse city of Brighton and we help all members of our community to ensure that there are equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of who you are as a person. We recognise that this planet and all of her resources are the only home we have. We will do all we can to protect, preserve and understand the natural environment.


Courage and Resilience


We recognise that learning is a life long journey and can be challenging at times; we sometimes need to find courage in the most difficult of times, however from these experiences we will develop a greater resilience and uncover skills we may not have known we had.  


‘Be curious, not judgemental'